Book Description



SAVVY SUCCESS Volume I: You-Roles-Practice Environment

For Volume I of the three new SAVVY SUCCESS textbooks, the author interviewed over 45 dental hygienists who participated in hours of interviews designed to encourage and enlighten the profession about:

- Why they choose a career in dental hygiene;
- How they have helped their patients achieve improved oral care practices;
- What the dental hygiene profession has done for them as a person;
- What qualities do they feel that a dental hygienist must have to be successful;
- The importance of having a mentor; and
- How achieving career success can happen.


Additionally, SAVVY SUCCESS discusses the professional roles defined for dental hygiene as administrative/manager, advocate, clinician, educator, public health, research and the addition role of working in a corporate position.

The dental hygienists chosen for Chapter 2: Professional Roles represent the five roles with the inclusion of public health being a part of them. These dental hygiene professionals provide their insights on what skills, education and experience is needed to be in each of these roles. It is an enlightening chapter that will provide both students and practicing dental hygienists a view of the other opportunities worth pursuing outside of clinical practice. In Chapter 3: Mentoring, she selected four dental hygienists who serve as mentors and role models in the dental hygiene profession. Their insights will help to spark that passion to get a mentor if one does not have one already.

In Chapter 5: Career Opportunities in Dental Hygiene, she interviewed 10 clinicians who have pursued other roles outside of those discussed in Chapter 2. The ten women highlighted in this chapter will enlighten the readers with other opportunities that a dental hygienist can pursue when they have the vision to pursue additional professional skills and education to obtain these other opportunities.

In Chapters 6 – 10, Volume I of SAVVY SUCCESS covers Unit 2 on Tools and Techniques for Career Development. This information will be of great assistance to new graduates writing cover letters and resumes and developing interview skills to get their first dental hygiene position. Practicing dental hygienists can also use this information to update their resumes and cover letters and help to communicate their expertise during these challenging times when the job market has been affected by the economic climate. This unit also discusses the importance of having disability and liability/malpractice insurance and ensuring that dental hygienists protect themselves during their careers from a job-related injury or ethical situation that may occur in their work environment.

In Chapters 11 – 16 encompass Unit 3 the Practice Environment which discuss the vision and future of the dental hygiene profession; population health considerations; business etiquette in practice; the dental hygienist as a leader; dental hygiene is a business of dentistry; and the important role that dental hygienists play in practice utilizing not only a recare, but a periodontal therapy approach with their patients as well as the use of a dental hygiene assistant to affect overall productivity and profitability in the practice.

Glossary of Terms, Index and Appendix In each of the 3 textbooks, Volume I-III of SAVVY SUCCESS includes a Glossary of Terms which defines key terms utilized in the chapters included in each textbook that students, faculty members and practicing dental hygienists can review to define these key words. An index is also included in the three volumes. In Volume III of SAVVY SUCCESS an appendix is included which highlights information from the Chapter 41 author on the ADHA Code of Ethics.