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SAVVY SUCCESS Volume III: Technology-Ethics-Career Success

In Volume III of SAVVY SUCCESS, Unit Five: Trends and Technology covers new trends occurring in practice to help dental hygienists in time management and efficiency in their positions; use of technology such as digital radiography in practice; trends in polishing practices; the oral-systemic link and its connection to overall wellness; and the use of teledentistry. Teledentistry, in particular, is intriguing as it offers treatment of access to care populations of people who face time and travel issues. This chapter shares how dental and medical professionals can provide treatment and care for these access to care patients through any dental clinic or oral care facility via phone and computer. These professionals provide the care necessary to treat patients oral healthcare concerns from a remote location in order to provide oral wellness and optimal health considerations.

In Volume III of SAVVY SUCCESS, Unit Six: Ethical Decision Making discusses that being a dental hygiene professional requires a college education and a sense of understanding of what is required professionally to make sound ethical decisions in practice to protect the dental hygienist, the patients they treat and the colleagues in the practice. Use of a risk management approach for documentation of records that are hand written or are on the computer must be completed accurately with patient updates and signatures. Medical emergencies are another area that is discussed to provide dental hygienists with a plan that can be shared with their dentist and the team to ensure that the next medical emergency is not a tragedy. Tobacco cessation principles are also discussed with patients who have an addiction to smoking. The chapter covers how the dental hygienist can intervene in education to inform the patient that now may be time to think about stopping this unhealthy habit.

In Unit Seven: Dental Hygiene and Securing Career Satisfaction of Volume III of SAVVY SUCCESS concludes with thoughts of how important it is to continue lifelong learning in one’s dental hygiene career. Taking continuing education courses, becoming certified in local anesthesia, nitrous oxide or laser therapy pending your state practice regulations are just a few of the areas to consider. Setting goals and objectives so a plan of action is in place and staying abreast of the scientific literature in peer reviewed journals and magazines are a sampling of methods the dental professionals may employ to stay in touch with new news and trends going on in the profession. Balancing work and life can sometimes be complicated and Chapter 47 will provide insights for SAVVY SUCCESS readers to consider how to do this in a successful and non-stressful way. The last chapter on dental hygiene and career satisfaction focuses on insights that I and other dental hygienists I have interviewed provide on how to achieve career satisfaction and what skills and attributes can assist dental hygienists in reaching this level of happiness and success in their professional careers.

Glossary of Terms, Index and Appendix In each of the 3 textbooks, Volume I-III of SAVVY SUCCESS includes a Glossary of Terms which defines key terms utilized in the chapters included in each textbook that students, faculty members and practicing dental hygienists can review to define these key words. An index is also included in the three volumes. In Volume III of SAVVY SUCCESS an appendix is included which highlights information from the Chapter 41 author on the ADHA Code of Ethics.