SAVVY SUCCESS Mouthrinse Chapter 29



March 2013

Dear Dental Professional:

My name is Christine Charles, RDH, BS, Director of Strategy and Communications, Scientific and Professional Affairs at Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide, Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. We are working in partnership with Christine Hovliaras, RDH, MBA, CDE, from Professional Savvy, LLC, to showcase evidence-based scientific information about Therapeutic Mouthrinses that can be utilized in daily practice.

Christine Hovliaras launched a 3-Volume series of Textbooks and Faculty Guide entitled, SAVVY SUCCESS: Achieving Professional Excellence and Career Satisfaction in the Dental Hygiene Profession. In the SAVVY SUCCESS Volume II: Patient Care Textbook and e-book, two colleagues and I wrote Chapter 29: Role of Daily Use Mouthrinses in Maintaining Oral Health.

The following overview will describe what this important chapter can offer you as a dental practitioner in helping to improve patients' oral health through daily rinsing with a therapeutic mouthrinse.

Chapter 29 Overview:

This chapter will cover the multitude of mouthrinses and their indications; however, the focus will be on rinses that are considered to be therapeutic as deemed by regulatory and professional organizations. The dental hygienist's recommendation to patients can be considered therapeutic in that it is intended as therapy for their oral health condition. In some countries, a mouthrinse is considered a "drug" and in other countries it is regulated as a cosmetic. The authors will try to differentiate these categories as the discussion of different mouthrinse indications is explained.

The information in the new SAVVY SUCCESS Textbooks and Faculty Guide will help provide you with the educational tools to assist you in talking to your patients about the importance of therapeutic mouthrinses to improve their oral health.

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Christine A. Charles, RDH, BS
Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide
Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

Christine Hovliaras, RDH, MBA, CDE
President, Professional Savvy, LLC

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